Aloha! From Kaʻanapali Beach, Maui

Napili Blowhole, Maui, aloha kaʻanapali beach maui
Napili Blowhole, Maui (Photo Credits Unknown)

As I sit here, in the early morning dawn, on this breath-taking island over 2,500 miles from home; I’m reminded by The Holy Spirit that there’s a price that has to be paid for everything in life.  It’s been that way since the very beginning with Adam and Eve.

The Hawaii Islands

The Hawaii Islands are simply beautiful!  You can see God’s hand all over this place.  If this is just an island in the Pacific Ocean, what must await us in heaven?  As I was sitting on the lanai pondering the beauty that surrounds me I heard The Holy Spirit speak softly into my soul that everything that my eye could see cost the natives of this land.

Since the late 1700’s, there’s been documented conflict over these islands.  The French, English, Germans, Japanese, and Americans have all fought to gain control.  They’ve all wanted to stake a claim in her natural beauty and resources. Even the raging volcanos compete for a chance to claim her beauty.  There’s been thousands of people (mothers, fathers, sister and brothers) that have all lost their lives in the massacres, battles and wars.  Something so beautiful always comes at a high price.  It is the same with God.

Relationships Cost

Anyone can be a friend but true friendship cost, anyone can get married but a true committed marriage cost, and anyone can have a child but being a parent; a dedicated mother and father will cost you dearly. Salvation cost Jesus Christ his life and having an intimate relationship with God will cost you as well.  It will cost in the sacrifice of your personal time and a commitment to walk in your true purpose.  All relationships are investments and as with any investment there is a rate of return that you will received based on the dollar amount you invest, amount of risk you take, and time you’ve put into the investment.

You will not be able enter into the Holy Place or the Holy of Holies without sacrifice.  Just because you’re accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior does not mean you have an intimate personal relationship with Him.  No, salvation was just the beginning but relationship requires heavy lifting on our part.

Something so beautiful as an intimate relationship with God cost.  It requires a deep commitment of our time and self, a connection through the renewing of our minds with His Word, respect and reverence for Our Father and faith and trust beyond what one can simply imagine.

But the wonders and treasures that are hidden on this island are like the wonders and treasures that Our Father have for us in heaven.  This island is overflowing with hundreds of waterfalls that can on be seen once you are willing to commit to the time it takes to drive and/or hike to see them.  There are magical red and black sand beaches that require travel time as well. You can see the humpback whales that have migrated down from Alaska to mate, give birth and nurture their calves but you must make the time to sit and wait for their presence.  All of these beautiful treasures that take time, patience and commitment just like developing a relationship with God.

Something To Ponder

Are you doing the heavy lifting?  Are you putting in the sacrifice?  How much time do you spend in daily prayer?  How much time to you spend in daily meditation of the Word?  And, how much time to you spend in daily worship?  I’m not talking about anytime you spend at church or doing any church activities, I’m simply asking about the time sacrifice you deposit into your personal relationship with God.  I’ll just let you ponder right there.

May your steps fulfill their purpose and one day the sands of Kaʻanapali Beach.

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