Women of Today

MARY ESTHER RUTH was inspired by the heroines of the Bible who changed the course of history by their courage and obedience. Although these three women came from very different backgrounds and circumstances, it didn’t stop them from fulfilling God’s purpose and calling in their lives

Their courage and obedience during extremely difficult times, set in motion the events that would save an entire race of people, produce a King, and birth our Savior.

Although our purpose walk today may be different from what Mary, Esther, and Ruth faced in their times, our responsibility to God’s calling and purpose for our life is still the same.

Our purpose is to empower Christian women to walk in their calling just like Mary, Esther & Ruth.

About Mary – http://biblehub.com/matthew/1-18.htm

The Book of Esther – http://biblehub.com/esther/1-1.htm

The Book of Ruth – http://biblehub.com/ruth/1-1.htm

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose