Today our pastor started a new series called True Life is Bearing Fruit. He went into great detail to explain how we have been engrafted into the family of Christ. When a branch is taken from its tree and engrafted into another tree, the roots of that branch is left behind and the branch takes on the roots of the new tree. The same with us, when we accept Christ as our Savior we don’t have to worry about all the negative things that have been passed down to us through our family; we have new roots. We have the roots of Jesus because we have been engrafted into Him.

However, just because we have been engrafted into Him does not mean we bear good fruit. To bear good fruit we have to abide in him. The way we abide in him is following his commandments. We are designed to bear good fruit because He is the vine and we are the branches. The vine is the source for the branches.

Branches on trees are pruned so they can bear more fruit. If we are bearing good fruit we will get pruned, and if we are bearing bad fruit we will get pruned. Pruning is painful process and it does not feel good. Without painful pruning we can’t be useful to the Kingdom of God. Jesus tells us that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. Going through pain is a process that brings healing, joy, and more fruit.

Above is a picture of a tree in our back yard that really needs pruning. I have been talking with my husband about it for some time now, but he has been afraid to prune it because he does not want to lose the shade and privacy it provides. The poor tree is beautiful, but it looks a mess right now. It is growing all over the place with no direction. There are dead branches and the others are growing all over the place into other trees.

We can be the same way if we are left to wonder on our own. Even though we are connected to the vine. If Jesus does not take us through the painful process of pruning we will be a mess just like this tree above. God’s painful time of pruning is for a short moment, but the rewards far out weigh the pain. Remember, pruning brings healing and much more fruit. Our fruit is not for us to eat, but for others to receive and to learn to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Have you ever seen a tree eat its own fruit?

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