What does Jesus, David, Mary, Esther and Paul all have in common? They were all obedient, their obedience required boldness and their boldness had no boundaries.

Jesus was bold enough to endure torture and die on the cross for our sins, David was bold enough to face the giant that terrified an entire army, Mary was bold enough to face public humiliation as an unwed mother and birthed the Messiah, Esther was bold enough to go up against the King’s most trusted advisor and saved an entire race of people and Paul was bold enough to admit that he was a prosecutor of Believers; yet he became the most vocal supporter and follower of Jesus Christ.

Being bold for the Kingdom is about doing God’s will. It’s about continuing on the path that He choose for you; regardless of the hardships or challenges you may face. Being bold is about having the courage to speak out against what’s right and what’s wrong’s; no matter what others may think or say. It’s about having the courage to admit your wrong doings and face the consequences of your decisions. Jesus, David, Mary, Esther and Paul all faced boldness with no boundaries.

At the Hillsong Conference this weekend in Los Angeles, CA., Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life Church shared a great message on obedience and boldness.  His message was titleThe Blessings of Obedience, in which he shared 3 main points.

  • Bold obedience always triggers opposition – if you aren’t facing major opposition then you’re not being bold enough for the Kingdom.
  • Bold obedience often releases God’s miracles – you never know what a single act of obedience will release.
  • Bold obedience always requires faith – your faith opens the door the blessing of obedience

Pastor Groeschel says, “obedience is your responsibility and the outcome is God’s”.

Are you obedient? Are you bold?  Are you bold enough to be obedient to do what God has called you to do? Boldness for the Kingdom has no boundaries.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose and Your Boldness Too!

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