“Call To The Inner Room” by Banning Liebscher

Call To The Inner Room, Pastor Banning Liebscher
Pastor Banning Liebscher (Photo Credits Unknown)

When was the last time you stepped into the inner room?  I’ve watched this message twice and I’m can tell you I will be watching it again. Its full of amazing insights on your walk with Christ.

Pastor Banning uses II Kings, Chapter 9 as the bases for his message.  He shares about “life-on-life” how God flows through life to awaken a life and that when God wants to change a nation He raises up and anoints people to do it.

The Bible says that many are called but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14, NIV).  Everyone has a calling on their life but what separates you is not the call, it’s your response to the call…WOW!  You must raise your hand to be chosen.  And in order to receive the message from God you have to removed yourself  or separate yourself and go to your inner room for prayer.

The Inner Room:

There are certain things that can only be found in the secret place of the inner room.  What to do you find in the inner room?

  • “God” – God is in the inner room and He loves to be found there.  This is where He can release the anointing on your life.
  • “You” – He develops your life and gives you a root system.  He develops you not your vision.  He can’t release a vision on you until you have a foundation.  Just as roots are developed underground, God develops you in private.  You are called to bear fruit, more fruit and much fruit but you cannot bear fruit if you do not have a healthy root system.
  • “A Word” – In the secret place, He gives you a realm of faith you can only receive in the inner room.  When God gives you a word, He intends for it to abide in you.  How does the word abide in you? It cannot be half hearted you must be obsessed by the word.  This can only be done by spending time in the inner room.
    • This is where He meets you.
    • This is where He speaks to you.
    • This is where He gives you a word.
    • This is where He anoints you.
    • This is where you find your purpose.
    • This is where you gain access to a realm of faith that only He has access to.

Folks, I’m telling you to have a closer relationship with the Father, you must set aside that private time with Him, no books, video message, song, or anything else can do what private time in prayer with the Father can do.

Pastor Banning is a great teacher and I can’t wait for my next visit to Sacramento so I can attend his church.

I pray you receive this message from Pastor Banning.

Mary Esther Ruth does not own the copyright for this music or video. No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only. For more information on Pastor Banning Liebscher or Jesus Culture please go to: http://jesusculture.com.  Pastor Banning Liebscher is the founder of Jesus Culture which has become a global movement of worship, events, and leadership development.


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