Pastor Touré Roberts of One Church LA, has been doing a series called “Deeper” that I think you should check out.  In it, he talks about that next level of intimacy, power and authority we want in our walk with Christ.

In the very first episode he gives great guidance on how to walk in authority.

  1. You Must Know Him 
    1. Seek his face
    2. Seek his heart
    3. Read the word
    4. Jesus always calls us “higher”
  2. You Must Believe in Him
    1. Never under estimate the power of belief
    2. To disbelieve is a curse against your own destiny
  3. You Must Submit to Him
    1. You must forcefully oppose the devil
    2. Doubt and fear confuses the mind
    3. When you submit to God, He empowers you to forcefully oppose those negative spirit

Take the time to check it out, I know you will be glad you did.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

Deeper Series 1 –
Deeper Series 2 –
Deeper Series 3 –
Deeper Series 4 –
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