Everyone has fears they need to face. The difference between you and the successful people you have come to admire is that they are willing to face their fears in effort to win, overcome and push through.

If you don’t learn to face your fears they can and will hold you hostage for days, weeks and even years.  They will grip your mind, body, soul and spirit. Your fears will wage a war against you, your dreams and your future.

This two part series by Pastor Touré Roberts is a must listen to message on facing your fears aka your giants.  In this series, Pastor Roberts outlines 8 steps that will help you identify barriers to break though and help you face your giants.

“Barries to Break Through: Giants”

  1. Identify – you must be able to identify them.
  2. Focus on the reward not the obstacle.
  3. Remember Who Your Ally is!
  4. Silence the voices of inadequacy and inability.
  5. Rehearse former victories – you’ve faced them before and you can do it again!
  7. Face it!
  8. Don’t quit until you’ve WON!

Every one is facing a giant their life.  It could be addiction, health issues, divorce or a bad relationship, finances, letting go of a close friend, starting a new career, living in unforgiveness, making a major move, etc., and the thought of facing it seems overwhelming.  So in an effort to ignore the obvious you’ve learned to co-exist with your giant in hopes it remains in its own land.

If that’s you…then this message will help you.  If it’s not you and you’ve faced “every” giant and fear in your life then, congratulations…you are perfect right up there with Jesus.

This a great two part series and worth watching.  You will not be disappointed, I promise. Polish your rocks and get your sling shot ready!

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose




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