What Are You Feeding Your Spirit?

You must feed your spirit daily.  It’s important that you’re feeding your bodies everyday with nutritious foods so you can remain healthy and strong.  It’s equally as important that you’re feeding your spirit man the same.  Our spirits can’t survive on one meal a week (Sunday service) they need to be feed each and every day, three meals a day and at least two snacks.

Why?  How can you hear from God if you don’t spend time in His Presence? How can you build up your faith when you don’t spend any time feeding your spirit?

To have life-affirming thoughts of prosperity, health, happiness and success our minds must be fed with the word of God.  We must build up our faith in “anticipation” of trails and challenges.  If you wait to feed your spirit, like so many do, when you have challenges you won’t be prepared to stand and fight.  In Ephesian 6:11, Paul says “Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (NIV).  The only way you can put on the full armor of God is through preparation, prayer and spending time walking with God.  THERE IS NO OTHER WAY.

Meal #1 – Preparation.

You must be prepared.  God is intentional and you must be intentional about your relationship with Him.   When God speaks it’s with intention.  He is never in a discussion with anyone, He is never asking for your permission or seeking your opinion.  He is always delivering a directive that will be followed by execution.

How do you prepare to hear from God?  By studying the word each and everyday.  I read and research the word for myself.  I use several Bibles, books, teaching tapes, sermons from various pastors that I follow, websites, christian magazines, and anything I can get my hands on to help me grow in the word of God.

I use journals to keep all of my notes.  I have been doing this for years and it’s amazing to go back and see what I was writing about in the 80s and 90s.  I can actually see my growth as a believer.

Sunday morning and Wednesday night servers are both meant to help you prepare your spirit to hear from God.  I find time during the week to listen to the sermon from the pastor again as well as I do additional study and research on his message.

Do what you must, find what works for you. Be intentional about your studies.

Meal #2 – Prayer.

As soon as I get out of bed in the morning (I start at 5:30 am), I fall on my face and begin praising and thanking God for waking me up.  I understand the blessing of waking up each and everyday because someone somewhere lost a love one through the night.  If you don’t understand the blessing of  waking up everyday then you need to go back to meal #1 and study more.

I start with the “Lord’s Prayer”.  From there I always feel led to pray for family and friends and the things happening around us and in the world.  I ask God to show me anyone that is in need of pray and ask that I be a conduit for them.

After prayer, I take 15-30 minutes and just sit before all the noise and distractions of the day set in.  I listen to the birds singing and I take in the fresh air.  I listen for my Father’s voice.

Meal #3 – Walking With God.

I have an alarm set on my iPhone for 2:00 pm every day.  When you’re working in the hustle of the day so many distractions come to steal your time away from God.  The alarm helps me think about how long it’s been since I said hello to my Father.  It’s not the only time I talk to God during the day, it’s just set as a reminder.

I usually go outside and walk or either sit on the steps.  For me, being close to nature is where I find the peace I need to release the stress of the day.

Find your quite place to spend time alone with God during the day.  I have a friend that sits in her car in the parking lot at work.  Find what works for you.

At Least Two Snacks A Day.

I find that music and short motivational quotes are snacks for me and I use them three or four times a day.

Music is an amazing snack.  It really helps me refocus instantly.  I use it a lot.  It’s amazing what a four minute song can do, I know everyone can spare four minutes.

You can do it in your car, on the way to a meeting, in your office with the door closed, eating lunch, getting dressed, putting on make up, in the shower, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, etc.  Everyone has time for a song.  Be intentional about the music you listen to and it will charge your spirit.

Motivational quotes help me a lot as well.  It’s one of those great positives about social media.  Be selective about who you follow.  Most of my followers are people I know and are motivational quote sites so my feed stays positive and full of inspiration.

At night, I like to fall asleep with a positive message on from Joel Osteen.  He always has a great 20-22 minute message on something positive for your spirit.  My spirit loves getting a late night snack.

I’ve spent years following these steps.  There were times early on that I would fall completely off of my healthy feeding plan (due to life’s challenges), but because I understood how important it was to be intentional about my relationship with Christ and the importance of feeding my spirit, I would get right back on my plan.

I pray you are feeding your spirit with a healthy feeding plan.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

Reference – Women’s Bible New International Version

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