Are You On Fire?

A couple of weeks ago, I shared an incredible message from Pastor Touré Roberts titled “Stay Hot”.  If you missed it, I encourage you to please watch this message. Even if you did, watch it again…it’s worth it.  It will bless you.  It will set you on fire.

LINK:  “Stay Hot”

In the message, Pastor Roberts shares on “5 Things Needed To Stay Hot”.  Today, I wanted to make sure to recap those for you because I understand how difficult it is to stay hot and on fire with all of the distractions fighting for your attention.

Let me be clear…distractions come for one reason.  They come to take us away from God the Father, from praising Him, spending time with Him and from being in His Presence.  They serve no other purpose. Distractions are never what they seem.  They are a trick, deflection and a refocus of your positive “now” energy on to something that can NEVER help you achieve your destiny.  This is why we have to constantly stay in the Present with God and meditate on the word day and night.

“5 Things Needed To Stay Hot”

 – 1 – Write the vision, with vivid clarity.

Your vision must be clear, visual and you cannot be afraid to talk about where you’re going.  If  you don’t believe it then you can’t expect anyone else to either.  When I worked in the corporate world my direct reports heard about the vision all the time. I had to do that to ensure it penetrated deep in to their spirits.  I knew I had achieved my goal, when I would hear them share the vision I imparted into them into their direct reports.  It works!

Habakkuk 2:2, King James Version.  “And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” 

– 2 – Pray into the vision daily.

Pray into your vision each and everyday.  It should be a part of your spiritual discipline.  Pray to the One who gave you the vision.  Your confidence increases and you stay hot.

– 3 – Speak on the vision daily.

You must be on fire and you must learn to speak on your vision!  It’s amazing how it catches on and when others start to see your vision they will begin to communicate it as well.  Just like my direct reports did for me in the corporate world.  They can help you put that vision out in the Universe.  In the corporate world we called that getting “buy in”.

Genesis 1:3, King James Version.  “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.  

This scripture is actually on the wall in my office and I ponder it often.  God was giving us the code on how to use words to form our vision and command the Universe as He did.  He was not having a conversation with the Universe, He didn’t have a meeting, and He didn’t ask its permission. No, He gave it a command.  And we know this because the bible says, “…and there was light.”

My husband and I both grew up in the military.  Both our fathers were in the Air Force and my husband also served his country for 10 years.  Since we both came from military backgrounds there’s one thing that we understand and it’s still ingrained in us today.  We understand the difference between a request and an command.  God gave the Universe an order/command to produce light “by any means necessary” and it did just that.

How did He do it?  He spoke to the Universe.  You have the code now “speak” the vision daily.

– 4 – Add a brick to the vision daily.

Everyday you should be adding to your vision.  Just like building a house it’s done brick-by-brick; day-by-day.  Several years ago, my husband and I built a house.  It didn’t happen overnight.  By the time we finished working with the architect on the drawings, finding the right construction company, finding the right neighborhood, finding a lot, picking all of the interior and exterior finishes, getting the house built and selling our existing home; it was about 10 months of planning and preparing.

God requires order in everything you do.  You are to do God’s work with excellence the same way we took our time and build the house we wanted.  We did it day-by-day; brick-by-brick.

– 5 – Live with other hot people.

“Some of you are hot but your tribe is cold”…that’s good Pastor!  Take inventory of your relationships.  Everyone that comes into your life is not meant to be on the journey with you.  They may be there for just a season and have overstayed their welcome.  If they have overstayed…that means they are distracted and they will cause you to be distracted as well.  Ask yourself, how many truly “hot” friends and “family members” are in your life today?  You know who they are and you know who has to go.

“You can’t lukewarm your way into your destiny.”

Pastor Touré Roberts

I hope this summary helps you keep these 5 tips in front of you daily.  Print them off and carry them around with your vision plan until they are deep in your spirit.  No vision comes to fruition without heavy lifting and commitment.  I pray that you are on fire for God!

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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