Are You One of God’s Friends?

Pastor Roberts did an amazing job yesterday sharing on the “5 Things God’s Friends Can Expect.” He based his message on “for many are called, but few are chosen,” (Matthew 22:14, NIV).

Last week, I posted a sermon by Pastor Banning Liebscher entitled “The Inner Room” based on Matthew 22:14. I’d never heard of Pastor Liebscher until that sermon popped up in my You Tube feed last week.  What’s amazing about the timing of all of this was that the message from Pastor Liebscher was posted over a year ago.

It’s amazing the way God works.  It was extremely important for me to hear the message from Pastor Liebscher first because in his message he talks about being called vs. being chosen. He said “…everyone has a calling on their life but what separates you is not the call, it’s your response to the call. You must raise your hand to be chosen. And in order to receive the message from God you have to removed or separate yourself and go to your inner room for prayer.”

Yesterday, Pastor Robert’s spoke about the things that the chosen can expect. Unfortunately, very few people will raise their hands even after hearing these two great and amazing messages.  I raised my hand a long time ago and didn’t have any idea what that really meant and the impact its had on my life until yesterday.  Together, here is what you can expect from these two teachings:

  1.  Many are called but few are chosen
  2. To be chosen you must raise your hand
  3. To receive your message from God you must inner that place of personal worship and relationship.  You must spend time alone with God.  There is no replacement or substitute.
  4. Once you’ve entered into an intimate relationship with God, you become a friend of Gods’.
  5. When you become one of God’s friends here is what you can expect:
  • Your prays will be aligned, be heard and be fulfilled.
  • You will have the power to decree, bless and establish.
    • Life is a journey and your destination is heaven. Destiny is about being with Him every step of the way to heaven.  God is your destiny partner so you do not make any decisions without Him.
  • You will have influence, seats of power and favor with those who do.
  • You will be able to access divine knowledge and keen awareness.
    • God is all knowledge, there is no learning for God, He Is and you will have access according to His power.
  • You will be fruitful and multiply generationally.

I encourage you to listen to the message from Paster Liebscher that I posted last week (link is here: ) and then listen to the message from Pastor Roberts.  Separately, they are both great messages but together…THEY ARE POWERFUL!

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose

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