The Gift in the Grind is a great message! Pastor Furtick shares on the importance of the grind and God’s Grace.  He says they go together in our daily lives. Without God’s Grace; the grind would be unbearable.

When I saw this picture of these beautiful women in their bright fabrics kneeling in the field; I couldn’t help but think about their grind.  I wondered if they knew God?  Did they know His Grace?  Did they know the love He gave to the unloveable?  Did they know that God expressed His love for us in the most unselfish act of all times; the sacrifice of His Son? Were they working their grind and their grace together?

In this message, Pastor Furtick uses I Corinthians 15:9 and the Apostle Paul to give us clarity as to the grace that surrounds us each and every day.  Grace that we don’t deserve but God gives it to us anyway.  It is that gift of grace and our grind that makes us who we are.  Apostle Paul says, “But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect.”

It’s a great message. I listen to Pastor Furtick just about every day.  His messages always encourage me to stand when I’ve done all I can do.  They encourage me to fight the good fight and spread the good news.  They always encourage me in the Lord.

I pray you are encourage too.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose

“The Gift in the Grind” Video

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