My God is awesome!  I believe that with all my heart.

Have you learned yet that when you pray for something to “look for it, expect it and believe in its manifestation”.  God is everywhere and you never know who He will use to bless you or how He will do it.  One of the great things about having a relationship with God is that He always has resources and has the best contacts in the world.  You don’t need any contacts…just ask Him to open His rolodex to you and He will.

There isn’t a day that goes by that He doesn’t reveal His Power and His Presence in your life.  It’s there and it starts the moment you open your eyes in the morning.  Every day before my feet hit the floor, I’ve started saying the Lord’s Prayer and then I get out of bed and have prayer and quite time.  When I open my eyes, the first thing and the only thing I want to think about is My Father.

“My God Is Awesome, He Can Move \ Mountain” by Charles Jenkins.

This morning while sitting outside in the Presence of the Lord and admiring the view of the mountains at Lake Mead, I was listening to this song.  It was perfect… My God is awesomeHe can move mountainsKeep me in the valleyHide me from the rain.  I’m telling you that if you look for Him, you will find Him.  He’s not hiding from you, are you hiding from Him?  God is waiting to be found.

Do you remember playing hide and seek as a child?  I do.  Growing up, I was really shy and the kids wouldn’t just hide, they would actually leave me there alone.  I always felt so abandon and sad.  Unfortunately, I began to manifest that behavior as an adult, never trusting and always believing in friends and family always feeling like they would abandon me.  It took a lot of prayer to move past that behavior.  But God will never do that to you, He is just the opposite.  He wants His children to look for Him and He wants you to find Him.  God never wants you to be alone.  Isn’t that awesome!  My God is awesome!

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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