“When God Says No” by Inky Johnson

"When God Says No" by Inky Johnson
"When God Says No" by Inky Johnson (Photo Credits Unknown)

This morning after my prayer call I was looking for something to share and came across this powerful testimony by Inquoris “Inky” Johnson on Above Inspiration’s YouTube channel. After watching this I was in tears.  I’ve watched it twice now and have shared it with family and friends.

His testimony is so powerful because we always want God to say yes but our true character comes out, and our heart it exposed, when He says no. What would you do if everything you worked for your whole life was wiped away in one moment?

When we made a commitment to follow Christ we agreed to lay down the temporary things and bear the cross for those things that are eternal; just like Jesus did.  I don’t think we ever believe we will be tested but a time will come when  our truth and our true character will be tested.

This is Inky’s story.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose

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