I decided early this morning that this would be a week of praise! I plan to share praise and worship songs all week.  Tomorrow ends our family prayer and communion journey together but I want to start celebrating right now what I know God has already done in my family.  If you are on this page you are part of this family.

I know generational curses (abandonment, mental and physical abuse, rape, molestation, divorce, poverty, depression, unforgiveness, lack of confidence & self-worth, sickness, lack of family unity and all of the other negative curses that try to linger) that have followed this family for years have been broken; they have been bound on earth and have been bound in Heaven.

I know that generational blessings that have been stored in heaven have fallen on this family. Healing of the body, mind, soul and spirit have fallen.  Hope, faith, joy, peace, unity, forgiveness, prosperity, wisdom, longevity, creativity, favor, power & authority, confidence, purpose, gifts & talents and much, much more have all fallen on this family.  They were all stored in heaven and just waiting on someone to claim them and I found the lost ticket of salvation and intercession and I am claiming them for this family and for every generation to follow.  They have been loosed on earth and they have been loosed in heaven.


May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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