I don’t need the amazing, magical voice of Tasha Cobbs Leonard to tell me how GREAT God is but I sure like the way she does it.  I’ve always been amazed by the power and strength of her voice.  How much more is the power and strength of our Father in Heaven who gifted her with this purpose.

You too have a purpose.  It might not be singing but you have purpose.  To walk in purpose we must acknowledge our appointment, just like Jeremiah (read Jeremiah 1:4-10).  So many of us spend years running from what God has asked us to do only to end up doing it in the end.

When God calls, He gives you the power and authority you’ll need and He also provides the covering you’ll need as well.  I’m not saying its easy, I’m saying if you trust and believe you’re covered; then you’re covered.  I don’t know about you but that covering is pretty special.

My husband and I only have one child but when he went off to college, we equipped him with everything he needed to be successful. Everything was taken care of by his parents.  He never had to worry about anything.  His tuition, room and board, books, supplies, and transportation were all paid.  We even pre-paid his meals at the school so we would always know he’d have a place to get a warm meal.  We sent him a monthly allowance and we even put his name on our credit card so he would have access to “our” purchasing power…not his own limited power.  It was our responsibility as his parents to do everything we could to ensure his success and his safety.  We wanted to make sure he was covered in the assignment “we” had given him.  How much more will our Father in Heaven do for us, if we ask (read Matthew 7:11).

As you listen to this song, think about the greatness of God and the purpose and covering He’s provided just for you.  Don’t run away from your purpose, run towards it.  Tasha was called to draw souls unto God through the power of her voice.  What are you called to do? Embrace what you’re called to do in this hour for the Kingdom.  He has given you all the covering you’ll ever need because He is a “Great God”.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

“Mary Esther” Ruth does not own the copyright for this music or video. No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only. For more information on Tasha Cobbs please go to http://tashacobbs.org

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