I don’t know about you but I want to be happy.  The scriptures support that God wants us to experience happiness in our lives while here on earth. He wants us to seek happiness through Him and not through the things of the world.  When you find happiness in the world, it never last.  It’s only for a season.

Just Want To Be Happy.

I love this song because it’s exactly what Kirk is singing about. The lyrics are …if you’re tired of being the same, if you’re tired of things not changing, it’s time for you to get out the way.  Isn’t that it…we are always in the way.  We’re constantly fighting against ourselves.

God wants us to be happy, but He wants our happiness to be tied totally and completely to Him (not our job, money, children, husband, house, cars, status, title, or friends).  Just Him.

If you obey God’s commandments, pray in the name of Jesus, fellowship with the God the Father daily and believe in His son, Jesus Christ, your joy will be full. You will be whole and you will be happy.


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