“Hitting the Reset Button”

Hitting The Reset Button
Hitting The Reset Button (Photo Credits Unknown)

Is there really a reset button for our crazy out of order life?  A button that would allow us to recenter and refocus on the things that truly matter and are important?  Well, there is such a button that can do just that and much more.  No, it really exist.  I’ve pressed it on a number of occassions and it truly realigns me and my priorities.

What Happens?

So, what really happens when you press this button?  Well, immediately it causes a chain reaction when it realigns your will with His Will.  Distractions began to fall away.  You are no longer dependent on your will to guide you because you are in total surrender to the Will of God. It opens the portal to the desires and plans that He has for you and not those of your own doing. He does this so you can leverage His strength which is equipped with everything you need because in His Will there is divine obedience to Him because it is His Will.  Yes, you read it correctly.  In His Will you become refreshed in His Word, Spirit, Love and Forgiveness.  Your mind is being detoxed of “you” and now the voice of the Holy Spirit can began to echo clearly in your daily walk.  Your tabernacle is being cleaned so that you can present your body as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable, which is your “reasonable” service.  When you hit the reset button what you’re saying is Lord, I trust You and everything that You have for me.

So Where Is This Button?

This is the best part; that magical button, that big bright red button with reset written on it is with you at all times.  You take it wherever you go. You sleep with it at night and wake up with it in the morning.  It controls the cleansing of your blood and the renewing of your spirit.  Whatever you meditate on day and night; night and day is pumped through your entire being mind, body, spirit and soul.  Without it you can’t survive; physically or spiritually.  You can find it deep within; you know it, you hear it and you feel it each and everyday.  It is a living part of you; it is your heart.

When you surrender everything you want and desire and truly focus your heart on what God desires for you; you just hit the reset button.  It is really that simple but when you do this expect chaos to attack.  Remember Peter (Matthew 14:28-31) when he was walking on the water?  The only way Peter could have walked on water was that he was in complete and total surrender of self.  In that moment when Jesus called him out of the boat Peter dropped everything that was of himself to answer the call.  But when he turned away from Jesus, even just for a second, he was “distracted” by the wind he began to sink.

That’s what happens to us each and every day.  When we are walking with Christ, distractions come to try to take our eyes off of God and our calling. We become overwhelmed and try to take things into our own will and self control. Distraction is one of the best strategies of the enemy.  He never has to do anything…just throw a couple of challenges our way and a little wind and there we go…sinking to the bottom. That’s how the enemy works. Now, you are distracted and focused on the wrong thing.

But did you catch verse 31?  It says, “Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand.”  Why is that important?  Because when God ask you to do something you are completely covered.  This is why it is so important to walk in purpose.  Jesus called Peter out of the boat; even though Peter initiated the request he was covered because Jesus instructed him to “come”.  God will never ask you to do something without His covering.  As a parent, if I ask my son to do something for me I still make sure he has my total support and my resources available to him; even though he doesn’t need it (he’s a capable adult) it’s there regardless.  It is that way with God, Our Father.

I wonder how that story would have ended if Peter, even thought he noticed the wind, would have hit his reset button and said; Lord I trust you? Don’t be afraid to hit the reset button; that’s why you have one.  When you hit it say, Lord I trust You and everything that You have for me.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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