Do you feel like your life may be in a holding pattern at times?  Well, I completely understand and God has something He wanted me to share with you.

My husband and I have been looking to purchase a home in Los Angeles for sometime now. But with the limited inventory and high listing prices it’s been extremely challenging to find something that fits all of our needs  (price, size, location and pride of ownership from previous owners…meaning it been properly maintained).

One day after my husband and I finished our daily reading and pray, I asked God what He wanted us to do?  What I love most about God is that He is always there in the moment, you need to just “look” and “listen.”  As I was in the shower later that morning, He revealed to me that “sometimes I put my children in a holding pattern to protect them.”  My mouth dropped wide open because my husband is in the airline industry and I knew exactly what God was saying to me at that moment.


In aviation, holding is a maneuver designed to delay an aircraft already in flight while keeping it within a specified airspace.  The primary use of a holding is delaying aircraft that have arrived at their destination (did you catch that) but cannot land yet because of traffic congestion, poor weather, safety, or runway unavailability.  Several aircraft may fly the same holding pattern at the same time, separated vertically by 1,000 feet or more. This is generally described as a stack or holding stack. As a rule, new arrivals will be added at the top. The aircraft at the bottom of the stack will be taken out and allowed to make an approach first, after which all aircraft in the stack move down one level, and so on.

I learned this when I studied and took the test to be an air traffic controller in the 90’s when Ronald Reagan (the actor turned President) fired them all.  Thank goodness God had different plans for me because you don’t  want someone who passed with 80 percentile to be directing traffic up there…that’s a another part of my amazing life’s journey that I will have to share one day.

Anyway, the air traffic controller will control the whole process and in some cases use a dedicated controller aka a stacked controller to coordinate each holding pattern.   Any aircraft with an emergency has priority over all other air traffic, they will always be allowed to bypass the holding pattern and go directly to the airport.

Greatness At Work.

Do you see God’s Greatness at work here.  Okay, if you didn’t let me help you out.

Sometimes God puts you in a holding pattern because it’s not safe for you to land or you may need a little more growth for your purpose but guess what…you are at your destination, so “Stay Hot!”

Have you ever been delayed leaving home headed to work, shopping, etc., to find out there as a major car accident up ahead and your spirit lets you know that if you left out the door one minute early, that would have been you in that accident.  Well, we are talking about the same thing.

The planes have all reached their destination but something isn’t quite ready for them.  God showed me that even when He puts you in a holding pattern you are still warm, feed, safe, protected and covered.  He’s just ensuring that the runway is safe and that ground control is ready for you when you land and step into your purpose.  Would’t you do that for your children?

There are actually three ways to enter into a flight holding pattern…direct, parallel and tear drop.  This may be way too deep for some of you to grasp but I just can’t hold back.  See…you can also put yourself in a holding pattern by not acting when God tells you to…OMG, I feel the spirit moving on me as I’m writing.  Fear, distractions, lack of confidence and self doubt are attacks of the enemy that can put you in a holding pattern and that hold is not safe for you because it pulls you away from God so that you cannot hear Him (Our Air Traffic Controller) when He is telling you it’s safe to land and walk into your destiny.

If you are in a holding pattern ask yourself who’s holding pattern are you in…”look” and “listen” for the Voice of God.  The only way you can hear His Voice is to spend time with Him so you know when He is telling you it is safe to land.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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