Have you ever thought about what life would be like if we could pick up the telephone and God was on the other end? What would it be like if we could call Heaven at any time and hear His voice, seek His blessings, and ask Him for guidance and wisdom?

Well…you’ve probably never really thought of it this way but you do have a hotline to God 24/7 and you never have to worry about connectivity issues.

When God imparted the Holy Spirit in us He was doing just that.  He did not want our service to be interrupted by anything or anyone.  We don’t have to relay on the Internet, satellites or phone towers.  Your connection is based totally on your relationship with Christ.  You can call Him any time, day or night and as many times as you like.

The same way you would call the telephone company to set up your service, God requires us to do a couple of things as well.

  • First, we must have a relationship with God.  This only comes through prayer and spending time with Him.  Talking to Him daily is spending time with Him. Prayer is spending time with Him.  Sitting quietly in His Presence is spending time with Him.  There is no other way, there are no short cuts.  The more time you spend with Him the more you hear Him and know His voice.
  • Second, you must have faith and believe.  You cannot have a relationship with God if you do not believe in His promises for you.  The only way you know His promises is to spend time in the Word.
  • Third, we must read our Word.  We need to read the Scriptures so that we learn the promises and framework in which God operates.  When you first buy a television or any electronic device you always receive instructions on how to operate that device.  It is that way with God as well…NO, I am not saying God is a device.  But what I am saying is that you must learn how He speaks, His values, the way He communicates and the framework and foundation He has laid for us as Believers.  It is all in the Bible…pick it up…read it. Expect the words to come to life and impart wisdom, knowledge, power, discernment and purpose in you as you mediate on them day and night.

As you do these three things you will begin to build an amazing relationship with Christ.  When I first married my husband, I knew so little about him.  But 35 years later, we can finish one another sentences…it is amazing to watch.  But it only happened because of the amount of time we spend together, talking, laughing, crying, learning one another’s values, likes and dislikes, and even after 35 years we are still learning new things about one another daily.

Don’t miss out on the most important relationship in your life.  There is absolutely nothing that should come before spending time with God.  I promise you, if you set aside everything else and dedicate time to learning Him, you will NEVER regret it!

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

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