I’ll Find You is such a beautiful song and video by Lacrae featuring Tori Kelly, dedicated to the children of St Jude’s Hospital who are fighting cancer.

How do we wrap our minds around the suffering that these young spirits endure at such a young age especially while in the midst of the holiday season full of celebration? I don’t think there are any words spoken by a human-being that could bring comfort to these children and their parents. But I do believe the Word of God can bring healing to those that are suffering, those with broken hearts and to those who need physical healing for their bodies. Who The Father chooses to save or let go; we’ll never understand because the Bible says his ways are not our ways. So we can only look to His Word as our guide.  We can only look to His Grace to cover us and His Peace to keep us.

This holiday season try thinking about those that are enduring in hospitals, shelters, jails and those that are living on the streets.  Think about this Christmas celebration from their perspective not from the comfort of your warm home full of festive foods and gifts.  Try connecting to what the coming of Jesus really means. He left an important blueprint for us to follow.  It’s so simple and so straight forward because he wanted everyone to be able to understand it.

John 15:12, “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. (KJV)

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose

“Mary Esther Ruth” does not own the copyright for this music or video. No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only. To find out more information on Lacrae please go to:  http://www.lecrae.com

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