MER Book Club “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

Jesus Calling, renewing your mind
Jesus Calling (Photo Credits Unknown)

I love getting books and journals as gifts, and it’s funny because I really don’t get that many even though I love to read. A very close friend sent me “Jesus Calling” in the fall of 2012.  I left it on my night stand for a couple of months before I read it, but once I opened it up; I was so moved by the introduction, I couldn’t put it down and it immediately became a part of my morning praise and worship.

Reading Jesus Calling

I began reading it alone in the mornings and then one day, I asked my husband if I could read to him.  After about a month of me reading to him, he came to me one day and said, “let me read to you.”

Since then, “Jesus Calling” has become a part of the Ellis’ family morning praise and worship.  My husband leaves for work pretty early in the mornings (after all this is LA and traffic is unbelievable), and I love that even if I’m asleep he’ll read the Word of God over me before he leaves.  I don’t know about you, but that does something to a sista’s spirit and encourages me to line my life up with Christ.  We take the book with us on vacation and even if we are traveling separately we will call one another for our morning reading.

There have been times when life aggressively interjects its distractions on us and we have gotten off course with our reading and our purpose.  It doesn’t matter; we pick up “Jesus Calling” again and we are right back on course. No matter how many times we have read this book, it speaks to us as individuals, as husband and wife, and as a family.

Many of our family members and friends have received  “Jesus Calling” from us as gifts.  As with all things, your heart must be open and ready to receive; if not you will miss Jesus calling to you.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose,

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