How many of you wake up hungry every morning, carving the sweet “Presence of the Lord”.  I do!  My spirit has developed an insatiable appetite to be fed the Word of God and to experience His Presence; throughout the day.

If you find yourself tired and emotionally drained, as you face life’s struggles, you should look in your spiritual pantry to see what you’ve been eating.  If it’s not filled with the right nourishment for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll find that you will not have the stamina to endure all that life throws your way.

When I was a corporate executive, I was always asked “how did I do it”?  My simple answer was alway the “Grace and Favor of God”.  It wasn’t just an answer…I believed it and knew it to be true.  You see, I started my journey as a “broken” 19-year old wife and mother.  I had no idea the challenges that were on the road ahead of me, but all I knew was that with the “Favor of God”; I could do anything.  I didn’t know much more than that at the time; but it was enough.

I understood what it was to have favor because as a new mother I loved and adored my son.  I was so humbled and honored that God thought I was worthy of being a mother, but his birth actually scared the living crap out of me.  It made me realize how broken I really was and that I had nothing to offer him in my current state of brokenness. I wanted my son to grow up believing that he could do and be anything he wanted; just like God does for us.  I was broken and lost and now I had a child that looked to me for love, guidance and direction.    If this is how I felt about my son (with all of my earthly flaws and selfish ways); how must God fill about me? He sent His son to die for me that I might be saved…now that is FAVOR!

As I worked to try to turn my life around the enemy was busy throwing everything he could my way.  But I have the “Favor of God” and no matter how a situation looks it is still wrapped in favor… “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

I’ve made my share of bad mistakes, fumbles, stumbles and have fallen flat on my face multiple times but I’ve always worked my way back to my spiritual pantry to eat. I would be starving, but when I picked up my Bible; God would feed me with His Word.  No matter how bad my war wounds, they can never compare to those Christ endured for me.

I’ve never believed in living in the past…the past is only meant to hold lessons to help you grow.  It is no place for you to dwell or take up residence and it is extremely dangerous to do so.  I believe to change you have to embrace whatever stands before you (the good, the bad and the ugly) and look to the future for another opportunity to get it right.  I thank God for planting that way of thinking in me because there were so many obstacles that could have stopped me along the way.  Don’t get me wrong…I have my challenges but I know there is nothing for me in the past; I live for the present which is where you will find God.

As I grew in Christ and in life, I realized how important it was to proactively stock those shelves with the Word, favor, faith, trust, honor, humility, belief, discernment, love, hope, joy, peace, motivation, inspiration and confidence in who God had called me to be (with every single flaw…I own them all).  I am who God knew I would be and He loves me.  I believe in God’s Favor and because I believe; I have it!  My life is a living testimony of “Favor from my Father”…you don’t know my story.

God is amazing and you will always hear me say God is intentional.  Christ dying for us was intentional.  The “Favor of God” is intentional…believe it, call on it, eat it; don’t let it just sit on the shelf in the pantry. Christ died so you could have it.

When I’m in need of a mid-morning or afternoon snack, I go to my spiritual pantry and pull out music.  It nourishes my spirit and fills me up.  It motivates me to keep moving forward in my journey with Christ.

I hope you enjoy one of my favorite snacks by John P. Kee “Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)”.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose


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