If we want to walk with God we must walk in the light.  If we do not have light in us we do not know God the Father for He is light. First John 1:5 says “God is light.”

When you turn on a light switch, light illuminates  the room and darkness must flee.  There is no discussion on who stays and who goes.  Light and darkness do not occupy the same space. It is the same with us.  We cannot remain in darkness and claim to fellowship with the Father.  We cannot do both.  First John 1:6 says that “if we claim to have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.”

God did not make light, He is the “giver” of both physical and spiritual light.  When He enters your life He doesn’t flip the light switch on.  When God enters your life, He takes over and therefore “His light” shines through us and all darkness in us and around us are exposed.

Are You A Light Unto The World?

His illumination is unmistakable in us.  When God’s light is in us we are different.  We cannot hang out at the same places we use to.  We cannot watch the things we use to or socialize with some of the people we use to.  The light won’t let us.  We are attracted to goodness and righteousness.  We are becoming Christ like and we’ve been charged with reflecting His light unto the world.

Is your light illuminating?  Can unbelievers see the difference in you or do you blend in with everyone else?  Walking in light is not easy, if it was everyone would be doing it.  How may souls have you turned to the light?

May Your “Light” Fulfill Its Purpose

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