We are looking for writers that are proud to support and contribute to the vision and purpose of Mary Esther Ruth.


Mary Esther Ruth was inspired by the heroines of the Bible who changed the course of history by their courage and obedience. Although these three women came from very different backgrounds and circumstances, it didn’t stop them from fulfilling God’s purpose and calling in their lives. Their courage and obedience during extremely difficult times, set in motion the events that would save an entire race of people, produce a King, and birth our Savior.

Although our purpose walk today may be different from what Mary, Esther, and Ruth faced in their times, our responsibility to God’s calling and purpose for our life is still the same.

This community was created to help encourage, inspire, motivate, and influence women around the world to seek out and stay true to their purpose walk with God.

We are looking for writers that are proud to support the vision and purpose of MER.


  • Articles should have a word count of 500 – 750 words. All articles should be double-spaced, 12 font and in Times New Roman.
  • The article should be an easy read with the tone being conversational, clear and straight to the point.
  • We encourage articles and new content that is fresh, thought-provoking and inspiring for women of today. Content that encourages, inspires, motivates, and influences women around the world to seek out and stay true to their purpose walk with God.
  • Desired topics include:
    • We Believe (in healthy relationships and healthy living)
    • We Meditate (teaching, sermons, Bible reading and supplemental reading with MER Book Club)
    • We Inspire (sharing places to travel and experience the Presence and creations of God)
    • We Praise (sharing praise and worship music)
    • We Pray (sharing stories of triumph and overcoming)
    • Other women topics such as business, beauty, etc are considered as well.
  • Please include a short bio (1 very short paragraph)
  • Please submit only original content that has not been submitted or published anywhere else.  We want to publish fresh, new, original content for MER supporters and readers.
  • If you are interested in becoming a writer for MER please submit your work to maryestherruthblog@gmail.com


Mary Esther Ruth has the right to reject any work or article submitted for reasons which may or may not include:

  • Improper credit and plagiarism
  • Poor writing and grammar
  • Does not fit the spirit of MER or the Word of God
  • MER has sole discretion on when it will post/publish an article.
  • MER “reserves the right to edit” articles or any work submitted to for publication.
  • As a contributing writer for MER, you are a Believer and support the beliefs of MER https://maryestherruth.com/about-mary-esther-ruth/believe/


  • Contributing writers will have the opportunity to showcase their talents to our subscribers and supporters.
  • As a contributing writer for MER you have the opportunity to build a writing portfolio to showcase your professional writing skills. You will also have the opportunity to include links to your websites in your work as well.
  • Currently, we do not compensate contributing writers.


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