Meet our new contributing writer, Jacqueline Crooks.

Jackie has been married for over 30 years and she is the mother of two children. She started jccallingblog because she totally enjoyed the Jesus Calling book by Sarah Young and wanted to share her thoughts with friends and family.

However, this journey has branched her into more than she could have ever imagined. She is now writing blogs, books, hosting a jccalling show on jccallingtv, and baking cookies for jcirresistibles.

Meet Our New Contributing Writer, Jacqueline Crooks (Photo Credits Paula Bryant-Ellis)

For over 30 years she has worked in the public sector. Although she enjoyed the work and it definitely helped pay the bills, she felt something was missing. She wanted to feel alive and not just going through the motions of everyday life. So the birth of jccalling was started.

Jacqueline believes God put us all here for a purpose and that we each have our own calling to fulfill. “When we are in our purpose we feel alive, excited about what we will do next, and thrilled to be walking in what we love.”

Her purpose is to encourage others to fulfill their calling! She believes her journey is to help you fulfill the calling on your life. Her prayer is that every time you stop by one of her sites you get golden nuggets that launches you into your purpose. Her promise is to do her best to help you walk in your path.

To find out more about Jackie Crooks please go to:  Also, you can check out her videos on You Tube at:

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