“Reflect” by Kathryn Hillen

Reflect (Photo Credits Unknown)

While meditating on the book of Nehemiah this week, I came across this poem in my bible.

I always study using two bibles.  First, I read the scripture from the King James Version as I like to get as close to the original translation as possible and since I cannot read Hebrew, King James will have to do.  Then, I use the New International Version to help me understand and get better insight.

While reading Nehemiah in the New International Version Women’s Devotional Bible this poem, simply titled Reflect, was in the book.  I have to say it does make you stop and think.  It’s exactly where I want to be with the Lord.  I hope this will help you reflect on your day.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

I need to slow down.  And I’m asking the Lord to help me do it.  I want to move slowly enough to be aware of all the joys he has hidden for me.  I want to slow down enough to grow as he wants me to grow.  I want to be quiet enough to hear his voice.  I need his wisdom to know how to spend my time and how to order my days. -Kathryn Hillen

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