Are you in the pursuit of the “Will of God?”  If your answer is no,  if your answer is I’m not sure or even if your answer is yes; you need to listen to this message.

This is a three part series by Dr. Juanita Bynum titled “The Pursuit of His Will”.  I could summarize the pages and pages of notes I took but it’s not the same as you getting the message for yourself.  I’ve listed to this message twice now and plan to listen to it again.

In this series, Juanita helps us to better understand how difficult it is to operate in our own will, desires and plans.  But through the “Will of God” we become equip with everything we need because “…in the Will of God there is divine obedience to Him because it is His Will.  Did you get that?  That is so so so deep!

I love her and I love this message.  As Dr. Bynum says…”stick a fork in me I am done.”

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose

“The Pursuit of His Will” Video (parts 1, 2 & 3)


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