I’m currently reading a book titled “Seeking The Face of God” written by Gary Thomas.  I’ve sense learned that the book as been retitled “Thirsting for God”.   I don’t have any idea how I came across this book or how long I’ve had it.  The copyright date is 1994 so it’s not a new book.  I doubt that I’ve had it that long (let’s hope not), its in perfect condition and it’s been sitting in my stack of “must read” materials and calling out for my attention.

The book isn’t a very long book but it’s a very slow read.  It’s a slow read because every word is thought provoking as I journey forward with Christ.  I’m in a different place in my walk and my heart’s desire is to be in the “inner room” with God.  I just finished chapter 3 (about 40 pages into the book) and I felt the desire to share some of what I’ve read thus far.

Chapter 1 – The Journey of Faith. Knowing God More Intimately

In chapter 1, Gary clearly establishes the purpose of the journey of faith, which is a close and personal relationship with God. The only way to achieve that intimate relationship is to spend time with Him. How do you do it? How do you love someone you cannot see or touch? It’s tough enough trying to love the people around you. How do you communicate and relate if you cannot “hear” Him?

In his own personal search to be closer to God, Gary began to study classic teachings from over 1,500 years ago when his reading and research from more contemporary writers did not satisfy his desire to devote his life to becoming closer to God.  He began to read from authors that most of us have never heard of and their work has been forgotten or replaced my more mainstream writers of our generation.  Amazing authors of faith that their sole purpose and life’s desire was a deep connection to God.

As he continued his research and studies he found there were common similarities in their teachings.  Although they lived in different countries and centuries, they all faced similar struggles and arrived at similar answers.  Their answers were not those of our contemporary writers today, no secrets, and no 10 easy steps to God.  Just as you and I do, they struggled with spiritual deserts and life’s challenges. In “Seeking The Face of God” the author introduces you, the reader, to some of those writers and their great works that have lived on for centuries.

Christian Spirituality vs. Spirituality

In the first chapter, Gary also clearly defines three foundational truths to “Christian Spirituality”.

  • Christian Spirituality is God-Centered, Not Man-Centered – it is not a search to discover ourselves, it is a search to be in a relationship with God.
  • Christian Spirituality is Based on Objective Truth, Not Subjective Experience – every journey has the same goal, which is to know God.
  • Christian Spirituality is Others-Focused – to help others…”soul surgery” – the ability to take those who are suffering from spiritual problems and work with others to bring then back to spiritual health.

I believe if you are seeking a close, personal relationship with God. This is a great book to read and to “study”.  I’ve found that my own personal journey to be closer to God has left me starving for materials and resources that can help me dig deeper into my relationship with Him. I cleary see the difference in reading the works of contemporary writers of today verses writers that were forbidden at times to show and share outwardly their love for God.

I’ll recap and share from Chapter 2 on Friday.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

Gary Thomas is a bestselling author and international speaker whose ministry brings people closer to Christ and closer to others. He unites the study of Scripture, church history, and the Christian classics to foster spiritual growth and deeper relationships within the Christian community. “Mary Esther Ruth” does not own nor is the publisher of this book. No copyright intended. For Inspirational Purposes Only. To find out more about Gary L. Thomas please go to: http://www.garythomas.com

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