Are you really spending quiet time with God?

I write a lot about having a personal relationship and spending quiet time with God.  A dear friend sent me this over the weekend and I wanted to share it with you (she wasn’t sure of the original author).

The structure is so important to your relationship with God.  I was excited to see that I’ve already incorporated most of the steps into my daily walk with Christ and there were some new things I can add. Even when I get off course, action steps like these help me to rebound faster and get back to what’s important.

I hope you find value in these steps and begin to incorporate them into your daily walk with Christ.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

What is a quiet time?

  1. It is an unhurried time of Bible reading and prayer.
  2. It is the heart of your fellowship with God

Key: To communicate – Listen, then speak

Helpful Hints:

  •   Go to bed on time in order to be awake and alert for your appointment with God.
  •   Choose a quiet place.
  •   Don’t rush through God’s Word.
  •   Seek to experience the presence of God for the rest of the day.
  •   Define some objectives concerning your program for reading.
  •   Correct attitudes will bring about correct actions,
  •   Make it the top priority of every day
  •   Aim at not missing any appointment.
    •   It is rude to be late for an appointment or to miss one.  Have you every thought about how many times you’ve stood God up (okay, I just had to add my two cents)?
  •   Every 3-4 weeks evaluate how you are doing in terms of the basic elements in developing a relationship with God.

To Meditate:

  1. To think deeply or focus one’s mind for a period of time
  2. To think deeply or carefully about (something).
  3. Synonyms: contemplate, think, consider, ponder, reflect, ruminate (chew the cud), mull something over, cogitate

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