Spiritual Journaling.

I love spiritual journaling!  I call it writing love letters to God. King David’s writings in the book of Psalms influenced me years ago.

One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to find the nearest book store and check out their journals.  I have every color, size and shape you can imagine and love getting them as gifts from family and friends.  I’ve kept them over the years and I often review them to refresh my memory of how God matured me through the years.  To see the things that He shared with me, in the early morning dawn, come to pass.  To recall, how He lead me through spiritual wilderness to find flowing streams of life in the word.

I’m so happy that I listened to God’s voice many years ago.  I started capturing His voice and my heart’s desires.  It’s amazing when I look back at some of my writings and prayers.  I know exactly what I was going through at that time and how God moved me and lets be honest “carried” me through those trials.

Write It Down.

Habakkuk was another writer that captured what God revealed. Because Habakkuk wrote down what the Lord said, we now have the book called Habakkuk.

“I will climb my watchtower and wait to see what the LORD will tell me to say and what answer he will give to my complaint. The LORD gave me this answer: ‘Write down clearly on tablets what I reveal to you.’” (Habakkuk 2:1-2 TEV)

Over the past couple of weeks, life has gotten busy and my journaling has not been as consistent as in the past.  This morning, God woke me up before the pre-sun twilight and told me He missed our spiritual journaling time. I’m happy I listened.  This morning God wants me to share my love letter with you.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

Good Morning Father!

I feel you in the soft cool breeze outside my window this morning.  The sky is still dark with night but the light wants to peak through the red of the sky.  I’m sitting here listening for your voice over the humming of the ceiling fan in the apartment below.

Your Presence is what I’m longing for in the hours of the early morning’s night.  You woke me up to share this time together, my heart longs for Your touch.  I feel the strain of the years’ past trying to capture my thoughts to distract me from You, to distract me from the love of my Father which makes me whole.

Father, I stand firmly asking, seeking and knocking.  Your word says ask and it will be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open unto you. For everyone who ask receives, and the one who seeks finds, and the one who knocks it will be open.  God, I’m asking, seeking and knocking…I’m looking for You.

Where are You?  Please don’t let life distract me from You.  I need You, now! I don’t want to be alone.  I need Your Voice, Your Presence.  It feeds my mind, body and spirit.  It renews and refocuses my spirit man, my heart, joy, smile, laughter, humility, purpose, energy, vision, drive, eyes, peace, understanding, patience, love, kindness, honor, hope and life.  It refreshes me in You, my Father, my Hope and my Glory.

I Love You!



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