Pastor Toure’ Roberts did an amazing job teaching a message entitled “Say Lit”.

When your spirit is hungry, you’re on the lookout for teachings that can touch your mind, body, soul and spirit.  You want teachings that encourage you to stay true to your calling and purpose walk with God.  “Stay Lit”…well need I say more.  The title pretty much says it all…until you hear the message.

In his message, he shared the three areas of darkness in the human experience that your light is ordained to confront.  I know you want to know what they are; purposelessness, poverty and pain.  He lays out how the light that is buried deep within you is meant to shine bright to confront the darkness that we face daily.

Yes, this message is powerful!  I’ve listened to it twice already and will listen to it again tonight. You really don’t want to ignore this teaching.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose,



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