“Sweet Jesus” by Zoe Grace (Remix by ProudMonkey)

"Sweet Jesus" by Zoe Grace (Remix by ProudMonkey)
"Sweet Jesus" by Zoe Grace (Remix by ProudMonkey) Photo Credits Unknown

Zoe & Grace Kimvuidi are English artists aged 17, twins born on the 17th Of October 1999. They were born and raised in South West London and they perform as a Pop / Gospel duo under the name ‘Zoe Grace’. Their name ‘Zoe Grace’ which means Life / Grace represents the Life that we get through the Grace of Jesus Christ. Zoe Grace were raised in a Christian home and have ever since embraced & held on to their Christian Faith.


“Our purpose is to bring people to Christ through the talents and ministry that God gave us. We are grateful to God and to everyone that has helped put us in this position and we do not take the platform that we have for granted. We want to show everyone (especially the young people our age) that it’s fine to be an unashamed Christian and shouldn’t be peer pressured into following what everyone else is doing. We know the pressure young people experience from seeing what the media portrays as “Successful” and we want to prove that you can use your gift to it’s maximum potential within your christian faith & morals. We also wanna take away the margins we’ve set and the general perception of what Christian music should look of sound like. Anyone should be able to praise God regardless of their cultural background and musical taste. Above all, our message to the world is simple; There’s a man called Jesus Christ that died for you, loves you and cares about your wellbeing and he would like to have a personal relationship with you.”

“Mary Esther Ruth” does not own the copyright for this music or video. No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only. To find out more information on Zoe Grace please go to:  https://www.zoegracemusic.com

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