Healthy Body Reboot Week 3

“Healthy Body Reboot” Week 3

Well, I’ve started my third week of my healthy body reboot with a 100% fresh vegetable diet.  I’m doing a 75/25 split of juicing and eating fresh vegetables.  This plan continues to work for me so I’m sticking with it. My Routine I’ve didn’t lose any weight this past week; total weight lost is still

Joe Cross, Sick Fat and Nearly Dead, Reboot with Joe

“Reboot with Joe Cross” Week 1

If you haven’t seen the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead  with Joe Cross and his amazing journey to reboot his health, then it’s an absolute must see today on Netflix. If you have then you should be ready to follow in Joe’s footsteps…I know I’m ready. My Journey For me it’s really not about losing