Pastor John P. Key

“Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)”

How many of you wake up hungry every morning, carving the sweet “Presence of the Lord”.  I do!  My spirit has developed an insatiable appetite to be fed the Word of God and to experience His Presence; throughout the day. If you find yourself tired and emotionally drained, as you face life’s struggles, you should look in

Distract, Distractions, Spending Time With God

“Things That Can Distract Us From God”

Push In More. Life’s challenges comes to distract us from God the Father.  From praising Him and spending time with Him. From being in His Presence. As I continue to push through the distractions of day-to-day life, I came across this article on the website “Living For Jesus” that I enjoyed reading.  I wanted to

Matrix, Six Diseases, Are We There Yet? Pastor Phil Munsey

“Six Diseases That Attack Your Soul – A Whole in One” by Phil Munsey

Pastor Munsey says there are six diseases that attack the soul.  If you haven’t listened to the teaching “A Whole in One” that was posted on February 10th, I’m encouraging you to do so (the link is below). Six Diseases I listened to Pastor Munsey again last night and it was more powerful the second

Married, Marriage, Debra Fileta

“Before You Get Married” by Debra Fileta

The epidemic of extravagant weddings is seeping into our culture in an unmistakable way. Turn on the TV at any given time and you will find a plethora of shows centered on the concept of achieving the so-called perfect wedding. Planning the Marriage The wedding planning process includes finding the perfect dress, landing the perfect

Words Have Power, Spoken Word

“10 Seconds of Daily Inspiration”

Words have power! “What does the Bible say about the power of words?” Words are not simply sounds caused by air passing through our larynx. Words have real power. God spoke the world into being by the power of His words (Hebrews 11:3), and we are in His image in part because of the power we

Inspiration, Encourage Yourself

“10 Seconds of Daily Inspiration”

Learn To Encourage Yourself I learned in my early 20’s, that I had to encourage myself.  There was no one else that could do it but me. When I worked in the corporate world, it became extremely important for me to keep positive quotes around me.  I would write them down on sticky notes, carry

Jesus Calling, renewing your mind

MER Book Club “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

I love getting books and journals as gifts, and it’s funny because I really don’t get that many even though I love to read. A very close friend sent me “Jesus Calling” in the fall of 2012.  I left it on my night stand for a couple of months before I read it, but once