Writing My Wrongs, Super Soul Sunday, Paula Bryant-Ellis and Shaka Senghor

“Writing My Wrongs” by Shaka Senghor

Tuesday, I had the opportunity to interview author Shaka Senghor about his life and his new memoir Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death and Redemption In An American Prison. Check out the interview below. “Mary Esther Ruth” does not own nor is the publisher of this book. No copyright intended. For inspirational purposes only. To find

Believing in Magic by Cookie Johnson

MER Book Club “Believing In Magic” by Cookie Johnson

If you missed the Cookie Johnson interview this past Sunday on “Super Soul Sunday” you should check it out. ¬†After watching the interview, I ran out and picked up my copy of “Believing In Magic” and can’t wait to read it. Cookie, always so graceful, discusses the challenges she faced in her public marriage to