"The Gift in the Grind" by Steven Furtick

“The Gift in the Grind” by Steven Furtick

The Gift in the Grind is a great message! Pastor Furtick shares on the importance of the grind and God’s Grace.  He says they go together in our daily lives. Without God’s Grace; the grind would be unbearable. When I saw this picture of these beautiful women in their bright fabrics kneeling in the field;

"Making Moves" by Pastor Steven Furtick

“Making Moves” by Pastor Steven Furtick

I wanted to end the work week by sharing this message titled Making Moves by Pastor Steven Furtick. This message is part of a 6 part series titled Bars and Battles.  In this message, Pastor Furtick challenges us to think about how we’ve been looking at our current position in life.  Could it be we’ve been

Elevation Church, Code Orange Revival, Pastor John Gray

“Pastor John Gray at Code Orange Revival”

I’ve been following the “Code Orange Revival” online this week being held in Charlotte, North Carolina by Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. The spirit is on fire and I feel like I want to just jump through the TV screen.  The “Word” has been amazing! I just couldn’t let you start your weekend without