"Alignment of Prayer" by Touré Roberts

“Alignment of Prayer” by Touré Roberts

Last year, I shared a great message from Phil Munsey on the power of the Lord’s Prayer. Pastor Munsey challenged us to say the “Lord’s Prayer” everyday for 30 days and by doing so, we’d allow this prayer to penetrate our hearts and we’d never be the same (the link is below). This year, Toure

Ahaziah’s Messengers Meet Elijah, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Power Moves

“Power Moves” by Sarah Jakes Roberts

Wednesday night at One Church LA, Sarah Jakes Roberts knocked it out the ball park with her message on “Power Moves”.  It was a standing house. Her father’s mantle and anointing is truly on her.  For a young woman in her 20’s she has an amazing gift and understanding of the word.  I always look

Deeper Series, Toure Roberts

“The Deeper Series – Desiring To Go Deeper with God”

Pastor Touré Roberts of One Church LA, has been doing a series called “Deeper” that I think you should check out.  In it, he talks about that next level of intimacy, power and authority we want in our walk with Christ. In the very first episode he gives great guidance on how to walk in authority.

Atonement, Spiritual Journaling, Paula Bryant-Ellis

The “Day of Atonement” by Paula Bryant-Ellis

Yesterday, on the “Day of Atonement” the holiest day of the Jewish year (also known as Yom Kippur), I was baptized again. Yom Kippur, was the most solemn holy day of all Israelite feasts and festivals because on that day the high priest would perform elaborate rituals to atone for the sins of the people

Fire, Stay Hot4God!

“5 Things Needed To Stay Hot & Stay On Fire”

Are You On Fire? A couple of weeks ago, I shared an incredible message from Pastor Touré Roberts titled “Stay Hot”.  If you missed it, I encourage you to please watch this message. Even if you did, watch it again…it’s worth it.  It will bless you.  It will set you on fire. LINK:  “Stay Hot”   https://maryestherruth.com/stay-hot-pastor/

Rise & Shine, The Heart of Christ, Friends of God, Pastor Toure Roberts

“Rise & Shine” by Pastor Touré Roberts

Today, I wanted to share the message from Pastor Roberts titled “Rise & Shine”.  Although, after hearing this great message I think he should change the title to “So Shine”.  The power of that one small word “so” is going to completely change your way of thinking forever. I cannot tell you how many times

Feeling Overwhelmed

“Feeling Overwhelmed”

Feeling Overwhelmed: Your Perception of Your Capacity. Thursday, I  posted an article titled “Beware of Distractions”.  In it I talked about how distractions come to “steal, kill and destroy”.  Today, Saturday at 3:00 AM, I want to share a message with you on progress, capacity and feeling overwhelmed.  The reason why I mentioned the date

America, Black Lives Matter

“Be or Being” What America Needs (Part 3) by Pastor Touré Roberts

Since last week’s tragic events, I’ve found it difficult to write and express myself.  The senseless loss of so many precious love ones is just simply overwhelming.  What could you say that would even begin to bring comfort to such pain? I’m the daughter of a black man, wife of a black man, mother of

Rise & Shine, The Heart of Christ, Friends of God, Pastor Toure Roberts

“Be or Being” The Heart of Christ (Part 2) by Pastor Touré Roberts

The Heart of Christ. This week on the series “Be or Being” Pastor Roberts focused on “The Heart of Christ”.  He shared the “7 Attributes of Christ’s Heart”.  I encourage you to get your pen and paper ready. You should takes notes. Once again, I have pages and pages of notes, too many to share

Purpose Awakening, Touré Roberts Heart of Christ, Be or Being, The Mind of God, Pastor Touré Roberts

“Be or Being” The Mind of God. (Part 1) by Pastor Touré Roberts

Yesterday, Pastor Roberts was at it again with a powerful message on to “be” or “being”.  He wants to turn this message into a four-part series.  I will share these with you over the coming weeks. I encourage you to get your pen and paper ready.  You should takes notes.  I have pages and pages