"The Passion of the Christ"

“The Passion of the Christ”

In 2004, Mel Gibson directed the movie “The Passion of the Christ” staring James Caviezel.  I’d never seen the movie until today.  A couple of days ago while on You Tube this interview (see below) that James Caviezel did with Dave Cooper (of Invictus Nation) came up in my feed.  The interview does not have an

Mary Esther Ruth, Rules of Engagement, Activate Spiritual Molecules

“Activate Spiritual Molecules” by Cindy Trimm

Command Your Morning: Activate Spiritual Molecules Invisible to our naked eye are the molecules hydrogen and oxygen, yet through a chemical reaction they become a visible substance called water.  The same happens with sodium and chloride coming together to form table salt.  God set these invisible processes in motion at creation to respond continuously to

Matrix, Six Diseases, Are We There Yet? Pastor Phil Munsey

“Six Diseases That Attack Your Soul – A Whole in One” by Phil Munsey

Pastor Munsey says there are six diseases that attack the soul.  If you haven’t listened to the teaching “A Whole in One” that was posted on February 10th, I’m encouraging you to do so (the link is below). Six Diseases I listened to Pastor Munsey again last night and it was more powerful the second