Seeking The Face of God

MER Book Club “Seeking The Face of God” (Chapter 2) by Gary L. Thomas

This is a continuation and review of the book I’m currently reading titled “Seeking The Face of God” by Gary L. Thomas Chapter 2 – Starting At The Finish Line – Spiritual Goals In chapter 2, Gary talks about the importance of setting “spiritual” goals in an effort to move forward and measure your growth.

Seeking The Face of God, Thirsting for God, Gary L. Thomas

MER Book Club “Seeking The Face of God” (Chapter 1) by Gary L. Thomas

I’m currently reading a book titled “Seeking The Face of God” written by Gary Thomas.  I’ve sense learned that the book as been retitled “Thirsting for God”.   I don’t have any idea how I came across this book or how long I’ve had it.  The copyright date is 1994 so it’s not a new

#Reading, #Meditating, #Word of God Reading and Meditating on the Word

“Reading and Meditating on the Word”

Reading The Word Of God I love reading and meditating on the word.  How many of you remember cassette tapes…I’m truly dating myself now.  I’m pretty sure it belong to my mother and I don’t remember how I ended up with it but I love hearing the Bible narrated by Charlton Heston…yep Moses! For those