Ahaziah’s Messengers Meet Elijah, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Power Moves

“Power Moves” by Sarah Jakes Roberts

Wednesday night at One Church LA, Sarah Jakes Roberts knocked it out the ball park with her message on “Power Moves”.  It was a standing house. Her father’s mantle and anointing is truly on her.  For a young woman in her 20’s she has an amazing gift and understanding of the word.  I always look

Facing Your Giants

“Are You Facing Your Giants”

Everyone has fears they need to face. The difference between you and the successful people you have come to admire is that they are willing to face their fears in effort to win, overcome and push through. If you don’t learn to face your fears they can and will hold you hostage for days, weeks

Purpose Awakening, Touré Roberts Heart of Christ, Be or Being, The Mind of God, Pastor Touré Roberts

MER Book Club “Purpose Awakening” by Touré Roberts

I picked up a copy of Purpose Awakening by Touré Roberts about two months ago but just hadn’t found the time to read it. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to dive in and I’m so glad I did. If you’re wondering about how to move forward in your purpose walk with God this is a GREAT

Deeper Series, Toure Roberts

“The Deeper Series – Desiring To Go Deeper with God”

Pastor Touré Roberts of One Church LA, has been doing a series called “Deeper” that I think you should check out.  In it, he talks about that next level of intimacy, power and authority we want in our walk with Christ. In the very first episode he gives great guidance on how to walk in authority.

Fire, Stay Hot4God!

“5 Things Needed To Stay Hot & Stay On Fire”

Are You On Fire? A couple of weeks ago, I shared an incredible message from Pastor Touré Roberts titled “Stay Hot”.  If you missed it, I encourage you to please watch this message. Even if you did, watch it again…it’s worth it.  It will bless you.  It will set you on fire. LINK:  “Stay Hot”   https://maryestherruth.com/stay-hot-pastor/

Rise & Shine, The Heart of Christ, Friends of God, Pastor Toure Roberts

“Be or Being” The Heart of Christ (Part 2) by Pastor Touré Roberts

The Heart of Christ. This week on the series “Be or Being” Pastor Roberts focused on “The Heart of Christ”.  He shared the “7 Attributes of Christ’s Heart”.  I encourage you to get your pen and paper ready. You should takes notes. Once again, I have pages and pages of notes, too many to share