Pastor John P. Key

“Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)”

How many of you wake up hungry every morning, carving the sweet “Presence of the Lord”.  I do!  My spirit has developed an insatiable appetite to be fed the Word of God and to experience His Presence; throughout the day. If you find yourself tired and emotionally drained, as you face life’s struggles, you should look in

Seeking The Face of God, Thirsting for God, Gary L. Thomas

MER Book Club “Seeking The Face of God” (Chapter 1) by Gary L. Thomas

I’m currently reading a book titled “Seeking The Face of God” written by Gary Thomas.  I’ve sense learned that the book as been retitled “Thirsting for God”.   I don’t have any idea how I came across this book or how long I’ve had it.  The copyright date is 1994 so it’s not a new

Speak to the "dry bones" in your life.

“Bare Bones Ministry” by Bishop TD Jakes

Today, I wanted to share this message by Bishop TD Jakes’ called “Bare Bones Ministry”. This needs to be added to your watch list and is a message that you should watch every month.  I have several books, teachings or sermons, scriptures, articles and passages that I like to use to refresh and renew my mind.  David said you must learn to encourage “yourself and that is actually that I do.  It’s helped me tremendously and this message has just been added to the top of the list.

The Valley of Dry Bones

Mary Esther Ruth, Rules of Engagement, Activate Spiritual Molecules

“Activate Spiritual Molecules” by Cindy Trimm

Command Your Morning: Activate Spiritual Molecules Invisible to our naked eye are the molecules hydrogen and oxygen, yet through a chemical reaction they become a visible substance called water.  The same happens with sodium and chloride coming together to form table salt.  God set these invisible processes in motion at creation to respond continuously to

Matrix, Six Diseases, Are We There Yet? Pastor Phil Munsey

“Six Diseases That Attack Your Soul – A Whole in One” by Phil Munsey

Pastor Munsey says there are six diseases that attack the soul.  If you haven’t listened to the teaching “A Whole in One” that was posted on February 10th, I’m encouraging you to do so (the link is below). Six Diseases I listened to Pastor Munsey again last night and it was more powerful the second

Never Give Up

“10 Seconds of Daily Inspiration”

Never give up on your purpose, plans and dreams. Protect your mind from negative influences. If you don’t like where you are change the way you think and imagine a whole new world. It is time to consciously bring forth a new life by changing the way you think, what you say and who you