Today, I am an ambassador in a foreign land and I have been unleashed by the Kingdom of Heaven. I come with all of the rights, privileges, power and authority I need to do what I’ve been called to do for the Kingdom of God.

Most people never really understood what I did in the corporate world because I didn’t talk about it a lot but simply put I was responsible for $6 billion dollars and over 700 people, across 8 states.

When I was in corporate America my Chief Executive Officer (CEO) made sure we never ran out of the resources we needed to do our jobs (money, knowledge, employees, contacts, technology, buildings, supplies, etc.). I expect no less from Our CEO and I plan to hold Him to it and you do the same.  If I’m serving The Most High God “how much more” would My Father in Heaven, My CEO do for me.

It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to get those resources to us much like the Navy brings supplies for the Marines during war. He commands the Army of Angels that will fight for us when we call on him. He is my General & Most Trusted Advisor on this journey. I look to his counsel daily and you do the same.

I have surrendered all that I know so that the Holy Spirit can show me how to build this ministry for the Kingdom the same way I allowed my company to train me, the way they wanted, so I could help them build their company for their shareholders.

It is challenging because the enemy wants to fight this every step of the way but I will not give God any less than I did the corporate world.  God always requires sacrifice from us and it’s TOUGH! Since my eyes have been open I did not know there were so many broken people that surround us starving for a Word…my goodness it is overwhelming at times…the harvest is plenty but there are few laborers.

My assignment today isn’t that much different than my assignment when I was Chief Operating Officer (COO).  Yesterday, I was leading the charge to build everything the company needed to win customers. Today, I’m leading the charge to build everything the Kingdom needs to win Souls!

As Paul says “fight the good fight of faith!” Stay strong. I have been “Unleashed”.

May your steps fulfill your purpose and you are unleashed too!


“Unleashed” by Sarah Jakes Roberts

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