WOW!  Can you even start an article with WOW?  Oh well, if you can’t I just did because I don’t know how else to describe this series.  I just had to share this 10-part series that Dr. Juanita Bynum did in January of this year titled “Incubation: The Power of the Womb“. I started following her “@3withMe” program early this year on Facebook.  When I tell you this series is powerful, I mean mind changing powerful.

The correlation between the physical womb and the spiritual womb will absolutely blow your mind.  Take your time, get a notebook and pen ready because you do not want to miss what she has to share.

All 10 videos are below for your convenience.  I encourage you to watch, take notes and share with friends and family and subscribe, follow and support Mary Esther Ruth.

May Your Steps Fulfill Their Purpose.

Incubation: The Power of the Womb Series (all 10 videos are below).

“Mary Esther Ruth” does not own the copyright for this music or video. No copyright infringement intended. For inspirational purposes only. To find out more information on Juanita Bynum please go to:

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  1. Robert Douglas


    Hello i would like to meet Dr. Bynum i love her so much that’s my spiritual mother she is a powerful testimony. Blessings to all .

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